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Help our team, help you!

Because you have chosen Pending Media for all your real estate photography, drone, video and media needs, we want to ensure the best possible experience for you. Shoots always produce the best quality media when the property is properly prepped for Pending! (Say that 5 times fast!) But we are here to help you do just that. Feel free to share these checklists which make preparing any property a breeze.

1041 Chasewood Way Dining Chandelier.jpg
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Preparing for a Shoot

When preparing a property for marketability there may be additional items listed that are specific needs that, when accomplished ahead of time, will help our photographers create the highest quality possible media for you and prevent rescheduling fees.

Preparing for Twilight

There are a few unique orders of business which will need to be accomplished prior to our team photographing a property for an IRL Twilight shoot. **These do NOT apply to "virtual twilights"**

219 burnam ct Twilight Exterior Front Porch.jpeg
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